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Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea

Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea

Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea
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This tea originates from Galle, Sri Lanka and is a typical low-grown black Ceylon tea. Ceylon got its name from its country of origin until the name of the country changed to Sri Lanka in 1972.
Grown in the southwest Galle district, this black tea can be produced almost year round. The average growing elevation for this tea is 1,000 feet and below; the steady year-round temperatures and generous level of humidity provide for an ideal atmosphere for this high quality tea. What you’ll find with this black tea is a full, yet delicate taste that is mellow and brisk; it is incredibly smooth with a golden color and definitely delicious! Serve Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea with milk or lemon, or serve it as an iced tea. Your guests are going to love it!
Enjoy the delectable taste and aroma of exotic Sri Lanka’s best export, Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea! It’s a black tea anyone can enjoy! Full and delicate, this black tea has a complex body that will keep your taste buds delighted and wanting more!
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