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Decaf French Roast

Decaf French Roast

Decaf French Roast
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Since the first coffee house opened in Paris in 1672, people have taken extreme pleasure in the tradition of coffee. Today, street cafés, both big and small, spill over the pavement throughout Paris. Piping-hot, freshly ground coffee is being served to people reading the daily newspaper, lovers whispering to one another, and students gathering to discuss world and local events. The French cafés function as meeting places for artists, poets, and writers who display their work while sipping the strong French Roast they are served in the custom tiny coffee cups.
Our Decaf French Roast Blend starts with a mixture of Central and South American beans that have been grown at very high altitudes. The higher altitude and cooler temperatures produce a bean that has matured very slowly and is less porous. This type bean is more acidic, and they are much more flavorful. These beans are roasted dark to offer you an intense cup with rich, lingering flavor.  Decaf French Roast blend is a coffee so serious, it'll wake the neighbors!
Take a moment right now. Pull up a chair, grab the daily paper, and brew some fresh Decaf French Roast blend while remembering the French proverb that says, "Goodness is the only investment that never fails."
A heat sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee. Your decaf coffee will be fresh roasted the day it ships. Enjoy!
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