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Decaf Sumatra Mandheling Coffee

Decaf Sumatra Mandheling Coffee

Decaf Sumatra Mandheling Coffee
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Decaffeinated Sumatra Manheling coffee has a thick and syrupy chocolaty feel with a rich brown sugar taste. This gourmet coffee is widely known for its full-bodied texture, mild earthy notes, and deep-toned coffee aroma, and now it’s available to you in decaf. It is low in acidity with a slight black pepper finish that is sure to tantalize you.
This Sumatra coffee is as rich in flavor as it is rich in coffee history. Amazingly enough, this coffee was once thought to be lost to the world due a series of calamities starting with the downfall of the Dutch East Indies Trading Company, the Leaf Rust epidemic in the 1880's, and also through political confrontations including WWII. It took over 100 years for the rare cultivar to be rediscovered, hidden amongst the lush jungle of Sumatra. Since then, these ancient Arabica trees have been replanted in the Mandailing Province of West Sumatra, which is now world famous for its production of gourmet coffee.
Manheling is actually an ethnic group in Indonesia. The coffee is called Mandheling as a result of a legend about a misunderstanding between Japanese solider and a Mandailing coffee shop owner. However, it is the Dutch coffee and spice traders who are responsible for originally establishing the region's reputation in 1835 with the intention of exporting premium coffee for The Dutch East India Trading Company. This coffee was so highly valued in Europe that it guaranteed the Dutch a complete monopoly on the global coffee trade for over 200 years! Rich in history, rich in flavor, Sumatra Manheling is a legendary gourmet coffee that has been brought back into our lives from near extinction. Don't wait to experience it for yourself!
A heat-sealed valve bag will ensure you the freshest gourmet coffee available. Decaffeinated Sumatra Mandheling coffee will be fresh roasted the day it ships for you to enjoy.
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