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Dutch Trader Blend

Dutch Trader Blend

Dutch Trader Blend
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From 1565 to 1630 the Dutch population had tripled to 100,000 people and the shipping trade had boomed. Demand was high and profits were immeasurable. A young Dutch man named Johan decided he wanted in on the commodities exchange knowing that there was money and power to be had - if there was success. His family was fearful of him traveling the high seas due to the ruthless competitive businessmen, disease, and even pirates. Johan's family also knew that the desire for this newly imported specialty, named coffee, could potentially bring the family wealth and power. And so Johan set out to sea.
Facing the bedlam of the markets, the negotiation with farmers and the furor of the competitors, he knew success would lie only in his ability to return home with a sampling of coffees. He learned how to understand "sentiment," the way a trader feels about things like weather, production, origins, and market value of the still raw bean. Cautious of shifting markets Johan was prepared for the wavering prices based on those many factors. In the end, Johan was able to bring home coffees from around the world for all of us to enjoy and celebrate.
Experience Dutch Trader blended coffee and reminisce the trials, tribulations, and the inspirational spirit of the Dutch Coffee Trader. Indonesian coffee is distinguished by an essence of earthiness that provides a full body, a rich flavor with a delightful vibrant acidity add to that the medium body and brilliancy of the African bean. This blend is worthy of the treacherous journey Johan once sailed. We use high quality Arabica beans to bring you the quality you have been looking for and a blend better than you ever dreamed. Dutch Trader blended coffee makes an intriguing evening coffee and is a perfect way to celebrate the end of a beautiful day.
A heat sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee. Your coffee will be fresh roasted the day it ships. Enjoy!

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