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Organic El Salvador 'Cuzcachapa' Coffee

Organic El Salvador 'Cuzcachapa' Coffee

Organic El Salvador 'Cuzcachapa' Coffee
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Organic El Salvador 'Cuzcachapa' is roasted slightly lighter than a traditional medium roast giving it balance. We find this coffee to be rich in flavor, with vibrant acidity, and full bodied. As it cools the complex flavors transform into a very nice orange flavor.
The Cuzcachapa recently won the Best Coffee Company in El Salvador award and since 2005 it has been the official processing mill for the annual "Cup of Excellence" competition.
Environmentally Friendly
It takes four to five years for a coffee plant to reach maturity and acceptable level of production under shade canopy trees that prevent erosion and provide adequate habitat for native and migratory birds and other wildlife, including warblers hummingbirds, orioles, swallows, tanagers, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, and armadillos. This heavy investment in time is matched by a parallel need to protect the environment in which coffee grows, and to manage the watersheds that capture and conserve rainwater.
Socially Responsible
The Cuzcachapa shares with the surrounding communities the benefits it as created for its members, providing employment opportunities; free medicine and medical services for farm employees through the Order of Malta, and a full-service clinic staged with a licensed physician and nurse offering free consultations and low cost medicine.
The co-op also helps both senior citizens through donations to area homes for the elderly and low-income public school students by providing nutritional breakfasts to complement Government aid; and free access to medicals services that in the future will also be extended to their families.
A heat-sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee which will be fresh roasted the day it ships. Enjoy! 
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